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Pure Anger
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Pure Anger

Today is one of those days,
I blame everyone and no one,
I’m annoying,
You are too slow,
He is in my way,
She doesn’t understand a thing.
A cold shower can not help,
A broken pencil can not release my hands tension,
A lonely star can not occupy my mind.
The television is more boring than usual,
The magazine is trying to brainwash me with rubbish,
the radio is constantly playing songs I don’t like.
My neighbour is playing his electric guitar at midnight,
The cars outside run over my last attempt to relax
And this is my last chocolate.

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Comments (2)

Some days are worse than others! If you were slightly older, I would suggest a glass of wine.
Very good poem indeed, but aren't those days just horrible! I totally understand... Take many deep breaths and look forward to a new day... Your friend, Seán