Pure Nothing.

The content of absolute detachment
is seen as pure nothing.
Pure nothing is the highest point
at wich God can work in us as he pleases.

Perfect detachment is without regard,
without either lowliness or loftiness.

It is minded to be master of itself
loving none and hating none,
neither likeness nor unlikeness.
Detachment wants altogether nothing.
It leaves all things unmolested.

Only thing it desires to be
is to be one with God.

(Lifehack quotes. Buddha)

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Let's count on the absolute detachment with this material world to attain a state of being pure nothing. And all else is a myth. A lovely philosophical piece of poetry. Thanks a lot.
Loving none and hating none..it leave things unmolested. Insightful
The extent of absolute detachment is seen as pure nothing which is the highest point at which God can work within us as he wishes. Absolute detachment works without either self-effacement or haughtiness. It has a mind of its own neither loving or hating none, neither similarity nor its antithesis. Detachment is simply a nothingness, a vacuum which leaves all things pure. Its only desire is union with God. Wow! The perfume of your beautiful heart and spirit fragrances your words on this wonderful penning on detachment and union with God, dearest Tonyyyyy. The scent lingers in the reader's mind long after they have read your words which are thought provoking and which impart mystical philosophy to your reader in easy to understand terms. Kudos! Superb crafting! Blessings always...