O My Love

Bees, birds, winds and forests say
you were born on 8th May
in a joyous morning
while all nightingales were singing
to celebrate your birth
on earth.

O my Love, my red Princess Rose,
since then, my day comes and day goes,
night comes and passes night;
I, in darkness or light,
adore you and take your sweet smell
and to the world your sovereignty I tell.

by Sayeed Abubakar

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Comments (9)

A true ode to rice. The staple food around the globe.+++10
Oh! Rice, without you we don't sustain, By grace of God you serve we contain. these 2 lines have made the poem well spritual one, thanks for sharing the poem with us,10
rice the indisn staple food.....a good way to honour the grains that fill our hunger.....good poem in simple flow....
Nice one crafted beautifully with touching words on life's basics to appease hunger as rice be it for rich or poor..... wonderful peace......10/10
Purity of rice yes felt all trhough mainly though Bengal and Tamil Nadu
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