Purgatorian's Truth

Classical battles, frigiferous ill will
versus humane kindness;
prolixious cadre, head bespewing truth,
with contrite absurdness;
nonautonomous, the populace,
hearts feign, redolent agedness;
Machiavellianism, one party's rule,
fiaunt myrmidon besottedness.

Truth's divorce, from politics,
releases Jeffersonian cognizance;
jamars vu, results seen through,
i.e. constitutional abeyance;
duality, inhibits legislative mean,
destroying plebeian ligeance;
involuntary buggery, the word,
ullagone national creance!

Sine qua non, individual morality,
redraft this nation's scruples;
truthful dialogues, rule by law,
veracity guides elective pupils;
apperception, of political impuissance,
fervid conviction couples;
ventilated sloth laid bare,
eight years of subterfuge examples.

Conveniency fueled maliciousness,
truth's chains an anagoge;
xenophobic mindsets, obscure truth first,
feting paltering's eloge;
inefficacious party raised,
lying through disseminated epagoge;
phantasm, our freedom burned,
exposing one delusive stooge.

Simpliste, the national soul,
as pure truth fell, so did we;
plurality mulled popularity,
media exposure, resulted dasewe;
squanderer each, debasing needs,
convoluted thinking overawe;
extraordinaire, this Purgatorian's truths,
all rue, humanity's sorwe.

by Michael Walkerjohn

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