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BS Brittaney Static (December 6th,1989 / Caught beneath the undertow)


Drive me
Push me
I will still love you in some
sadistic way.
I will serve you until I have no feelings to share
And you don't seem to give a damn.
Here's my martyrdom: Like me, love me because I cant love myself.
I've developed Stockholm Syndrome for this place and your piece of my mind.
There’s no love in this room for your approval.
Its a need not a want
The want is in all the wrong places
And the need is too much too consume
Talk to me softly so I cant hear your hate
And I will pretend. I will pretend.
Void of hate. Void of Love. Purgatory at its finest

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Comments (3)

Stockholm Syndrome? That's good. Falling in love your captor are we? Interesting thought...makes me want to take hostages. Anyways...take care.
I agree with Alfredo Brittaney, brutally beautiful! Rgds, Ivan
wow I great poem.