Poem Hunter
CA Cori Arbuss ( / Encino.)


Forget it all. Come fly away.
Release all tension and pain.
We'll soar over the ocean and the plains
Mountain sides and mudslides
Hills and cities. Over the suburns and through the ghettos
We'll be united as one if you could just let go
Of all that is mundane and commerical
Material possessions and poisons
Toxin wafting as smoke, fatal in its liquid
Infecting ever pore, every cell of your being
Making you grotesque
But the worse you became, the more I loved you
So let me set you free...
To purify and cleanse
Pass it on to me, so I can become
The truly horrendous, and you will be pure
And free, to intoxicate again
But you will at least know how it is to be right
And I will learn how it is to be wrong.

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