Purple Daffodils

Poem By Gabriel Crow

Sorry purple daffodils,
I have got to go.
Across the pond of crocodiles,
All the way to the misty isles.
Of neon priests,
And rotting feasts,
And every thing for the beasts.

Sorry purple daffodils,
You are going to die.
There is nothing i can do,
And I'm to scared to lie.
So i sing good bye to you
And hope that you die fast.
The friendship with the drugs,
Just could not pass

Sorry purple daffodils,
But the world is pretty bad.
All the creatures and silverware give you there condolences
And the Ughetrillzad
Is coloring the ground crimson with tears
Shouting all our fears

Farewell purple daffodils
You had a nice run
While there are some things you lack
Go out in style
You are not coming back.

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