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Purple Swamphen

You see them near country lakes and onwetlands and near lakes in parks of the town
When they fly it is with effort with long legs dangling down
They are known as purple swamphen quite common in their range
Though that they are not favourite birds of many to say the least seems a bit strange
As they are pretty birds to look at and on wetlands often seen
With red bills and reddish shield on face and glossy feathers of a purply sheen
Much larger and with longer legs than a moorhen and wide and splayed feet
They are birds i do see often by the lake in the park off of the street
In flat nest of grass and reeds in scrub by water the female birds does lay
Three to five buff eggs with tiny brown spots from view well hidden away
Their dark young with long legs look ungainly close to water stay
But they seem to gain in beauty as they age every day
Familiar in their loud screams close to lakes they reside
When threatened they run to lakeside cover and in the tall reeds hide.

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