A Bird Needs To Be Free

Help me help myself by letting my heart be free.
I've been so caged,
So kept away.
Let me fly Lover,
A bird needs to be free.

You need help on helping youself just let your heart be free.
So shut out,
And trapped in.
Fly away Lover,
A bird needs to be free.

by Luna Moon

Comments (7)

Well, I'll never look a purple the same way again. Never. Splendid poem, whisks me away, persuades me as I resist. This ain't what purple means to me, but while I read your poem I entertain no doubts. I may have to write a response to this one: Purple is plush, / it's velvet crushed / it dances away at dusk / it insists on itself / and envelops one in the semblance / of macroeconomic sensuality. / Purple is plush.
Yes, it is a funereal color so vividly and well expressed in this poem along with other strange things that make purple, in my view a color to avoid, even in a rose.
The way you have painted this read with such descriptive wording is of true talent! Patricia Gale
Philippa, Not your favourite colour then? I like the way you have chosen the words that sound well together. It grows and flows but certainly ain't prose. Thanks again for helping me sister Warm regards SG
this poem is a bit of genious
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