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Pursuance Of Love

With a little touch of soul, love and friendship my spirit
soars as I've burnt the bridges behind me of pain, hunt, and
anger and taken hold of the awesome hand of God creator of
all I am and even hope to be.
Crazy are the things people do to each other.
I saw the love of God in your eyes as the beam of your smile
gave me hope and direction to face the challenges ahead.
Cry out my soul within as without the hand of God I will go
nowhere my friend.
Flowers of the past are like people that die? Like a flower
not watered will wither and die? sort of reminds me of the
day that Jesus was crucified.
Fill me with the fine of God stirring the Holy Spirit within
giving hope to others reaching out and just being a friend.
Help me Father God to live holy as I'm in an ungodly land
that will go nowhere catch the wave of live no way as Jesus
Christ is the only way.
As I'm just a clown of laughter but listen to oh sweet
heavenly father draw me even closer to you.
As the clouds seem gloomy and the way unsure you are the only
hope for my life that's for sure.
Forgive me father when I pull away from you sweet heavenly
Father I'm nothing without you.

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