VW (17-04-1969 / India)

Pursuit Never Ending Never Yielding!

This life, engrossed with bewilderment
Several bygone years standby supplement
A glimpse glitters here and there but evaporates
Essence glanced here and there, literates
It’s the core issue binding human tribe
A burnished edition to which all subscribe

Child to Old surrender - I meant, ‘Love’.

Is it behind those laid up fragile faces of my grandparents?
Is it in the yarn of my mother’s silk sari?
Is it spread in the fractured tones of my father?
Is it cradled under the cushion where my brothers rest?
Is it twisted between the gossips of my sisters?
Is it popping up at photo frames of my children?

Relations meant to repose.

Is it resting under the wooden creaking cot?
Is it customized to hang in the wardrobes?
Is it blooming in the colors of tulip garden?
Is it decorated behind glass covered showcase?
Is it floating in the ice filled beer glasses?
Is it propelled in the crowd pulling summits?

Gimmicks meant to grab.

Is it hidden within the tolerance torrent?
Is it a passion driven emotional charge?
Is it a glittering pledge of truth and triumph?
Is it an innocence clad childish flavor?
Is it a prose of profound visionary?
Is it a verse exercise of rhymester?

Demeanor meant to dream.

It can’t sprout where its –‘Seed not planted, water everywhere’
It doesn’t dwell where it is – ‘I am right, you are wrong’
It may not yield when it is – ‘Plant Parthenium, need sugarcane’
It will not survive when its - ‘Vision is mine, I see what I want’
It’s human to look everywhere but within
It’s superhuman to penetrate and trance within.

Human’s yell - Pursuit never ending never yielding!


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Comments (4)

An insight on 'Pursuit never ending never yielding'. Good work, Vidi. Thanks for the piece.
In each moment all life is captured if we are still. Your wise poems message lifes pursuit never ending never yielding is so true.
Hello m'am....i went through the questions you ask..each legitimate and left lot be desired...the reader's mind's eye arouses and begin to search the answers..... and liked the last stanza too.. 'It’s human to look everywhere but within It’s superhuman to penetrate and trance within' well.. this is how i feel ma'am....i so badly want to feel that i v great courage and i can act like some super human, some indestructible person, but i always crack! ! ...cause i v seen son many indestructible super women'...... anyway this is nice write indeed, a different one 10+++ with love shan
'Pursuit never ending never yielding'... yes; that's life in all its brevity...good insightful write...10