Pursuit Of Happiness

Sitting at the feet of an old man
Hermit, staying in the mountain
Sought after by troubled human
For a quick dose of life's wisdom

I asked: Sir, how is happiness found?
He replied: It is not found here or there
It is in living the choices you decided on
It is soul's inner journey you lay bare

It is soul's lifelong search
Soul looks for solace and rest
The ‘Nirvana' man seeks to reach
It's man ultimate spiritual test

Glimpse of happiness we encounter
Kindness returned by an old man's smile
When you hear children's laughter
When you hear a new-born baby, cry

Feel the joy to see autumn leaves fall
Hear birds sing to welcome the dawn
See the first fluffy snow gently fall
To see flowers in spring, the sun adorn

Joy to see grandma's wrinkled-face smile
Morning walk with grandpa in the park
Tea in the garden with freshly baked pie
Best friend who listens while you talk

Happiness is not found upon arrival
Rather, it is found while journeying life
Most think it in accumulating material
Not in travels, in things but within soul thrive

You choose mind state to be happy
You create each moment's joy
You alone carve your life positively
Your happiness is your choice

God has promised life of abundance
He has promised life of completeness
He has promised life the world cannot give
He has promised those who ask, would receive


by Paul Sebastian

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Inner search, life long journey, carve the life for happiness, mesmerising, honestly true words to seek everything from within, best poem like to give 10