Pursuit Of Radiance

Poem By M.A.K. Pathan

I was running on a huge mountain,
Towards a stream that seems like a fountain.
I kept on running and didn't refrain,
The run soothed me, I didn't feel pain.

The sense of ‘pleasure', was my gain,
On a beautiful day, under a mild rain.
I was following my heart, keep aside the brain,
I was crying in joy, not in vain.

I tried to control; it was a steep terrain,
My speed was too high, but I was able to sustain.
I was losing my energy, that I should've retain,
'I am gonna make it', I was quite certain.

I reached there and touched the fountain,
It was so cold but it nullified my pain.
I woke up from the dream, and tried to get in again,
It wasn't mere a dream, but 'Did I ascertain.'?

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