(04 October 1943 / Germany)


A discharge of plain yellow pus
cannot be counted as a plus.
If tiny micro-bugs turn mean
they gurgitate the colour green.
That gives the body one good reason
to counteract this shameful treason.
You see, we humans are too kind,
we have been given a good mind
and understand how illness kills,
and have invented many pills
to stay alive, avoid infection
chase bugs into a new direction.

When simultaneously one feeds
whole colonies to meet their needs
it is too easy to forget
that most of them you've never met.

Thus, it is my considered view
that coughs, pneumonia and the flu
could be avoided altogether
regardless of the ambient weather.
Our bloody hospitality
is for disease the master key.

So, don't invite or tolerate
those pathogens to tempt your fate.
And do apply, likewise a ban
to hucksters and the bogeyman.

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thank you Herbert for this poetic lesson and i must say to you that i have learnt a lot from your medicinal poems herbert and now have the ability thanks to you to almost heal myself from most disease and i thank you and pay you with a ten for poetic content and a doctors fee Warm regards allan