Pushing 60

Poem By James Hart

Retired early
Retired early due to ill health
Retired early due to ill health from MS

Like an unfinished meal turned into compost
Still useful but not for its original purpose

Like a drink left unfinished on the bar
Not useful so thrown away down the sink

Like an unfinished symphony
Partly useful but without the composer's coda

Like an old car without fuel in its tank
Nice to look at but useless for going places

And tell me, where am I going?

Comments about Pushing 60

You are not useless, we are all on a great learning curve from which we gain experience and understanding, and which we can pass on to others in the form of wisdom.
'Still useful but not for its original purpose'. What if this was always your original purpose? Are you still to make a difference in other's lives yet? Would we be reading this nice piece of work? Would you be as wise as you are now? I believe everything happens for a reason..hope all goes well. Thankyou..Sharon.

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