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Pushing Eighty

Those other places teem,
echo shouts of anguish and joy.
Our long gone days seem
so close now yet so far away.
So when is a good day to go,
Or is it a good day to stay?

Memories echo back resound
down passages bounce off walls,
back to me they rebound
of long gone days, I recall it all.
Why walk when you can run
As we did in nineteen seventy one?

Still now, silent rooms greet
faint calls, in times' halls
of needs, I could meet
then, now not at all.
It's a bridge too far now, time to lean
On a firm stick in twenty sixteen.

A free mind goes on its way
to pursue a new path.
Sun sets on yet another day.
I'll bask in its quiet aftermath.
When is a good time to go
And how will we know?

All those dissipated times
Left me stranded in a queue,
A corridor in memory's lines
As now I recall, form a view.
All about me I see
Those so important to me.

by Adrian Flett

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