Pushing Through

Head down against the wind
Crying out
But my words are swept away.

For a more forgiving road
A path to hold back the gales
I seek but do not find.

Hopeless tears, falling from haunted eyes
I hide my face from you
And offer you my mask.

With fists clenched and angry visage
Raised to Heaven
The rain mixes with my tears.

For respite, for healing, for peace
I cannot hear Your answer
My wails drown out the words.

As the sweet sounds of angels speaking
Quells the tempest in my soul
Listen, child, listen.

As the wind stops and I hear Him speak
Words of hope and of love
A promise that His daughter never walks unguarded

With the warmth of Love Itself revealed
My stone heart now shattered,
I kick away the useless shards, and push through to the Sunlight.

by Kelley Cain

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