Pushing Up Daisys [nonsense]

oooooh i am pushing up those daisy's even though they haaate me!
those daisy's they love you baby never me!
you garden them and fed them fertilizer.., but me i only pee :)
my laundry is done..
oh my what fun..
baby can't you seeee! !
i'm pushing up daisy's before they push up me...
for baby i am..a weed
...i have sweat bead
i am just..your average..garden weed
i love you but there you go....
and pluck me from your life like all the other women in your life
baby can't you see..
i love you..you should love..me
my name was timantha...but..you..broke my leaves..and snapped my core in half...
baby i am just like you..
as you will never be me

By Kishi.M.Sutherland

by justine spohn

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