Who am i?
Am I really me?
I'm isolated from everyone
No one knows I'm here
No one knows I exist
Darkness seizes my heart turning it evil
What's happening to me?
I can't stop this, I can't stop any of it
I fall to my knees as a pair of hands squeezes my heart
I gasp and squeeze my eyes shut, wishing for the pain to stop
It doesn't stop
I looked down at my hand to see my fingernails grow long and sharp
Then I look at my skin which was now white
As if I was dead
I glance forward to see my reflection
Horror seized me and my sobs echo around the cage that now imprisons me
This couldn't be happening
This had to be a dream
I backed away from my reflection
I couldn't stop looking at the horrifying monster that stared back at me
I had turned into a monster and I don't know why
I stared back into those blood coloured eyes
I'm a monster

by sodoko zavaki

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