Put Back, Put Back

“Put back, put back” Daniel said tearfully.
He did not want to put on his shoes
but finally with some distraction, OK bribe
of cheesy wotsits we made him forget.
Forget that he just wanted to rest in the peace of his home
and stimulating his desire for crisps
we led him by his nose into the world
and to his nursery.
Put back, put back I said to myself
as I closed the door.

by David Taylor

Comments (2)

ah, it was easy for you...no laying beside the crib and singing songs and then down the hall to the other ones and lie in bed counting off what was done the entire day, , , 'and what happened next gammie, and what then etc. etc.....Children, life wouldn't be worth living without him...only home a few hours and in withdrawal and missing as about 6 of my poems on the 22 will show you, if you read them that is..............good one David, love from me to you.xo
ah, bribery of children. Sometimes we do what what works!