Put Off Your Old Self

As New Creatures pulled out of darkness, we've been given new sight,
But, many professing Christians continue to live as if in the night.

We have been saved to be a blessing and to give the lost real hope,
And to fulfill our awesome task Christ's likeness must be our cloak.

Believers are not to be conformed to a world that will be condemned,
This also includes avoiding any appearances of evil my dear friend.

Avoiding the appearance of evil in this day is not a new revelation,
For living above this world's standards is The Lord's expectation.

But once you submit to The Lord and give His Word full adherence,
You will be lead by The Holy Spirit, and will avoid evil appearance.

Paul told us 'to put off your old self' with the world's filthiness,
And be clothed in garments that are truly The Lord's Righteousness.

Our appearance as a Christian does more then you can imagine or see,
A Godly appearance draws people to God who presently do not believe.

A choice to be different is a sign that you have some Hope to share,
For who would go to an unbeliever to get Truth in time of despair?

You may fool your family and your friends, but this you can be sure,
The Lord, whom you can not deceive, will one day knock at your door.

Finally Christ's illustration of the Wedding Banquet is quite clear,
Ignore Christ's way for your own and you may have something to fear.

(Copyright © 08/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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