(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Put On Your 3-D Glasses

When is the pain going to stop?
It is not!
The sugar you've been fed,
Coated the taste of those gumdrops.

You should have long been told...
Long ago when those
Who wanted to...
Were quietly scolded and secretly abused.

When is 'your' pain going to end?
Once again...
It is not!
The anesthesia you've been given,
Can no longer be 'gotten'.
This truth may be rotten,
But you have been forgotten!

Not only that...
You've been used like a doorstop!


Get angry if you must.
But the messengers you ushered away...
Brought to you messages,
You neither listened to or obeyed.
That's why you should feel like a whore that's been laid.
Being preyed upon without one cent paid!

And that anger that you display towards me...
Will do nothing to prevent the reality you will see!
The stinging and infliction of it...
Will not be pretty one tiny bit.
The gritting of your teeth and biting of your lips,
Will not restore your way of life that bleeds.
Or an eclipsing of your valued outlook!
Blistering on the horizon,
And bringing with it a reality.
None like you've experienced before.
Since the coming of it has been ignored!

Put on your 3-D glasses.
That's how close it will be!
To touch up close to feel as you breathe.

Of course its presence hurts.
Of course the sight of it upsets...
And too ugly to perceive.
That's what reality is.
Truth stripped of delusion and deception free!

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