(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Put Those Binoculars Down

No one should ever judge a book by its cover.
Since the content,
Seldom depicts what starts from the beginning...
To the end of it.

And some people interpret,
What they wish is to be believed.
By researching an author's background...
Or seeing something that reminds them,
Of a fantasy they've kept perceived.

And some people will keep their perceptions,
No matter what is in between the pages...
That may expose them to depth.

Since many prefer to gossip.
To dispel the truth to have their delusions met.
With ample embellishment...
To invigorate the interest one expects.

'Let me tell you what the real deal is.
And I put this together,
As I slept.
Put those binoculars down!
What I have for you is as fresh as fresh can get.'

This allows them to create what isn't...
With an ability seen like no one else has exposed yet.

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