Putting Life In Danger...

Yestarday while standing with my bag and books' load,
I found a girl with a vehicle on the road.
She was on the Highway,
Trying to make her way.
At that time her cell rang,
And she picked it with a sprang.

She tried to take a turn,
But she had to make a run.
And thus she had a fall on the near rear wall,
To hurt her tender skin.

People came to rescue her,
But being arrogant she did not hear.
Wonder Y people with cell and Ipod move
Around in the Traffic with crowd of vehicals big and small.

What do they want to show?
Giving themselves a blow...........

by Harsiddhi Ruparel

Comments (1)

I write with an Ipod in it allows be to block out everything your poem has a very good point to it but there is alot of traffic in the road aswell it's a good right what makes any sense to any person doing anything there is no answer for blows, things happen people die\broken bones broken cars, broken homes, broken phones, stay happy with your life little moments in the blink of an eye you could of been driving for the last time.