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Love Blossoms As It Grows
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Love Blossoms As It Grows

When we were young we walked together hand in hand
looked into each other's' eyes thinking love was grand.
Life can't get any better than it is now we thought
and as we walked down life's pathway God's will we sought.

There walking and talking life sped by at a pace
and we look into one another's' wrinkled face.
Our love though more mature is still so young at heart
and the trials of life have not forced us apart.

With hands gnarled by time we still embrace each other
you're still my belovèd and I am your lover.
Our eyes may have dimmed but still retain their sparkle
a love like ours is so very remarkable.

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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Great poem.. Sometimes pain is just personal HBH
Cool, , , , , , I like this one.