(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Putting Pieces Of Yesterday Together

It's a funny thing about developing,
One's curiosity...
That a having of experiences,
Eventually comes to teach.

Those who are curious with a desire to comprehend,
Seem never to run out of things to do.
And those who are not curious about anything,
Are often horrified by the hearing of yesterday's news.
Often with a beginning of the blues to sing.

To then make demands with an insistence,
To know what happened and how and at what hour.
When it is the current events of the day,
That leaves them unconsiously affected.
Nor do they wish with an urgency to hear it,
With ears opened and mouths shut.

As many could care less,
Who did what, why and when to whom.
Since they have not been told yet,
They should be. But, are not concerned.
So they do not bother to be inquisitive at all,
To ask or be given a hint.
Because their time is spent,
Putting pieces of yesterday together.

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