Putting The Fizz Into Physics!

If we but knew the mysteries this universe contained,
We'd fill a billion histories before the truths were gained!
Yet if we take a grain of sand and strive to learn its gold,
Perhaps we'd start to understand, God's wonders to behold!
A microscope unlocks such gems! By hook or crook it seems!
Thus expelling our eye problems, unravelling God's schemes!
Each mind is like a microscope! Like Einstein's once was!
He forced his mind to grasp and grope, both time and space to cross!
Colossus-like we take our strides! Inventions everyday!
Then first class tutorial guides for teachers to relay!
Putting the FIZZ into Physics, so children will learn, too!
Their lessons act as building bricks to house our point of view!
Though gravity would hold us down, so that we wonder why,
We've still no need to fret and frown - we know that angels fly!
God gave us question marks for ears and put our brains between!
So, let's wisely use our school years and keep those text books clean!

by Denis Martindale

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