Putting The 'Who' In You

Removing the 'I don't know'...
And putting the 'who' in 'you',
Makes a difference when appreciating
One's life!
With dignity and respect.
It creates an accountability,
That affords decisions made.
And accepting opinions made by others...
Who may not understand the 'who' you are,
Inside and within first you command!
It removes indeciveness and abilities to excuse.
You begin to see that done with others,
And 'that' being done by them...
You simply refuse!
Knowing 'who' you are without neglect,
Makes criticisms of others done...
Allows and gives you a reason to recieve,
An openness for you
That becomes more circumspect!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

To know oneself and above all else, 'To thy own Self Be True.' Even though as you so clearly state, the 'WHO' we are is so often not understood. Excellent Lawrence. ~~marci.xo~~