Putting The World Right

I'm not in love with violence
And the world wants to get a grip
And when all the food for the starving
Is on a sinking ship
And the rich are hoarding thier money
Watching the third world on t.v.
And we are all brainwashed
Thinking we are free

And I'm just a poor man on the street
Sticking my thumb up to everyone I meet
I've more idea how to run the country
Better than the posh bumpkin aristocracy
Who maybe inherited from slavery
Because being rich you have the right
To screw up your country

This is an ugly kind of a world
Where we all think we're safe and free
Just look in the mirror
You hoodlums of hostility
Your drugged up to your eyeballs
With a ghost for your soul
And blood to you
Is a passport of cruel
You use mind porn to rob the fool

And the politicians sit on thier smiles
And religion wants another lead roof
And the hospitals need money
As foreign aid eats with a greedy tooth
And I don't read newspapers
Cause it's depressing my laugh
The t.v. Is run by the government
And the news pretends to get tough

by Stuart Munro

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