Puzzle Of Words

Emptiness. A heart so bare.
Divorce. Two people who don’t care.
Homeless. People with better perspectives that you or me.
Child. Someone who looks at the world and really sees.
Abuse. How could a person be so cruel?
Hate. Always making fires and adding fuel.
Cheer. Huge, bright smiles.
Road of life. Traveled for miles.
You. A puzzle piece of my life.
Pain. Stabbing like a knife.
Me. Perfect in my own way.
Beauty. Hope when you’re feeling gray.
Simplicity. The beauty in a complex place.
World. Fake people with smiles on their face.
Religion. The cause of so much debate.
Truth. Lost at such a rapid rate.
Trust. Harsh words leave it broken.
Love. The best words to be spoken.
Family. A comfort zone.
Home. No longer alone.
Happiness. So hard to find.
Perseverance. One day the world will be mine.
Strife. A reason to grow.
Confidence. The truth you know.
Anger. Bruises on the body, black and blue.
Fear. The reason I can’t trust you.
Relationships. They get better with time.
End. This part of the rhyme.

by beautiful imperfection

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