JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)


Immense is God's love for men that
He not only keeps them companied
But amused and entertained
Through his ubiquitous
Puzzle games intricately
worked out for them
..in the sky, in the oceans,
In the mountains.... everywhere
If only they care to seek them out.
To boost their enthusiasm
In this mind racking tournament,
A rich reward awaits
Each puzzle solved
As can be seen from
Watt's answer to his rattling kettle
That won us the locomotive
Or Jenner's answer to the
Uninfected dairymaids that
Won us the vaccine for smallpox
Or Fleming's answer to the growth
On his petri dishes that
Won us the penicilin
Or Einstein's answer to
The mechanics of space
That won us the
Theory of relativity
Enlightening us much about
speed, time, light and distance
And the possibility of space travel.
Wonder who will solve the ultimate
Puzzle, death, which will win
For each of us a permanent place
In this world!

by john tiong chunghoo

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