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RG (March,31st 1977 / Monrovia, Liberia)


Poem By Reginald Goodridge

I love a good puzzle;
A full blown conundrum.
The fatherless type;
a sweetly wrapped doldrum.

The fresh Rubik's Cube;
no manners, somewhat rude!
The molested type;
contravening its hues.

The game with no pause;
just worsening problems.
The motherless type;
begging I, to solve them.

Pure beauty without flaw;
bliss in ignorance.
The illiterate type;
loving them not happenstance.

How I bleed for a challenge!
Parts that don't fit.
The misguided type;
they won't leave, but won't sit.

Big brother and Daddy;
I congregate.
The puzzles I love;
such muse, my twisted fate.

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