CY (3/10/93 / Round Rock Texas)


Life is a giant puzzle.
Some peices fit some peices don't
sometime's you get frusturated and feel like you
will never finish.
Sometimes it seems like no matter what
you try nothing fits.
and sometimes you know the peice fits
but you cant seem to make it go where it should.
There are the hard parts,
The parts that all look the same and mesh into one,
making everything a blur sometimes leaving you lost.
There are the easy part, where everything fits exactly how it
should and it is all easy to see.
you always start with the outer rims, to get your structure,
and you work your way to the core to see
what it's really made of.
sometimes you have to put down the peice, take a break
and walk away for a while.
But the last peice always fits just right and though you are
happy to be finished with your work,
it is sad to see everything that has been done coming
to an end.
Right now all the peices don't quite fit.
But i am going to finish my puzzle.

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This is a beautiful poem, the best one yet! ! !