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Puzzling To Me

The Australian Government being rewarded with a seat at the U N H C R seems puzzling to me
Since they are so cruel to every boat refugee
Asylum seekers are imprisoned in the worst of detention centers far from Australia's shore
And treated as the worst of bad criminals and little else more
And for this the Australian Government a major honor receive
A story of truth that any fair minded person would rather not believe
And sadly Austrlia's main opposition party says the treatment of refugees by the government is quite okay
That good people are made to suffer because of money, power and votes only true for to say
For rewarding Australia the U N H C R have done themselves a disservice it does seem
For this they do not deserve to be held in Worldwide high esteem
On rewarding the Australian Government the U N H C R have left themselves down
Their treatment of the dispossessed does not warrant such an honor and renown
Many asylum seekers are being held in Australian run off shore detention centers for many years
And for some of them it has ended in death and tears.

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