Pythagorean Silence (An Excerpt)


age of earth and us all chattering

a sentence or character

steps out to seek for truth fails

into a stream of ink Sequence
trails off

must go on

waving fables and faces War
doings of the war

manoeuvering between points

any two points which is
what we want (issues at stake)

bearings and so

holes in a cloud are minutes passing
which is

view odds of images swept rag-tag

silver and grey

seconds forgeries engender
(are blue) or blacker

flocks of words flying together tense
as an order

cast off to crows

by Susan Howe

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The introductory epigraph to Howe's Pythagorean Silence (1982) makes the point that for her, as for the Romantics and the Modernists, language mediates the engagement between consciousness and the external world: we that were wood when that a wide wood was In a physical Universe playing with words Bark be my limbs my hair be leaf Bride be my bow my lyre my quiver .