I join the queue
We move up nicely.

I ask the lady in front
What are we queuing for.
'To join another queue,'
She explains.

'How pointless,' I say,
'I'm leaving.' She points
To another long queue.
'Then you must get in line.'

I join the queue.
We move up nicely.

by Roger McGough

Comments (6)

To be in joyful queue is a pleasure.
And life is a Queue....Well thought.
your poem is undoubtedly beautiful
heylo its keg n meg (go live!) Erm were doin this 4 our Alevel as well and would also like some one to shed abit of light on the poem pleaseo ppl! love keg n meg x x x
Hi Amy hope this helps Q What book/poem/author/poet has been most influential upon your writing? Roger McGough: 'Many poets and writers - Dylan Thomas, Kurt Vonnegut, James Joyce, Adrian Mitchell, E.E. Cummings; threads from many poets.' Its a bit generalised for all his poems though
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