Qué Es El Dinero

Why is that when
you ask someone of money
things change:

One that has been chatting
with you suddenly stops.
He wouldn't continue in
the discussion.
Neither will she answer your question.

What power does money have.
That all always want her:
Littlun, aged and juvenile,
All want to rule over her.

Immediately you say:
'Please i need money, can you assist me? '.
The unmute becomes mute.
His inner man is stirred,
Her sacred interest is protected.
One who respect you
Withholds the respect,
because of money?

Giving out gives back:
in cash, kinds or virtue.

Money tend to control many feelings,
That they like the wind
range as regards money's rule.

When i have i give out,
But when i don't i ask.

But why is it that when i ask,
People don't seem to give?

But before people ask
i willingly give out.

Many profess to love,
But cannot give out money.

Afraid of stranger?
But you're a stranger in the earth.

One who seem to be your friend
Turns overnight to be your enemy
because you ask for money.

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by Adeyemi Joshua

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