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Death Is Nothing At All
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Death Is Nothing At All

Poem By Henry Scott Holland

'Mister Pertillar,
Based upon your 'experience'...
What makes you qualified,
To fly a 747? '

I have flown in a 747 twice.
And I once walked the streets of Paris,
Behind someone wearing a Captain's uniform.

'Fabulous! Great news.
And you...
Mister Chester?
Same question.'

~First and foremost...
Giving honor to God,
With true patriotism.
I have flown 747s for twenty years as a pilot.
And I have also...~

'Very well stated Mister Chester.
Did you or did you not walk the streets of Paris?
We wish to hear of your 'experience' that led to your qualifications.
Not your 'actual' qualifications!
Do you wish the question to be repeated? '

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