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Qualified To Make Productive Contributions
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Qualified To Make Productive Contributions

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Do you have a degree?

'A degree in what? '

You know?
Something that validates your intelligence!

Something that documents my discipline,
And education?
Something that verifies my verity,
To conform to the wholesomeness of humanity.
And I am now qualified to make productive contributions?
My life lived,
Has already provided the requirements.'

Uh...yeah...I guess.
Whatever that was you said.

I imagine you have at least 'one' degree? '

Of course!
I got me two.
And I'm gon' get me a job that pays.

'Hopefully not to teach English!
Suppose I did not have that 'degree'.
Would that make my efforts less credible?
Would that make a fame or notoriety less worthy?

I should pursue that route.
I know this is difficult for you to believe...
But a degree doesn't measure my success felt.
And I feel pretty damn successful! '

You 'do' have a degree?

'You've missed my point entirely.
And you...
Have been depicted as a scholar?
Thank you for opening my mind,
And doors! '

So you've studied to be a minister?

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