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Quality And Qualifications Of Teachers
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Quality And Qualifications Of Teachers

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

What is it about sex that makes it so attractive?
And why are those least attractive,
Interested in sex the most?
Its accessible to all.
And whoring has found legitimacy.
Women throwing panties at men...
Who throw theirs back,
Seems to fill advertisements on public TV.
Between pain killers and youth treatments.
And diets to enhance sexual performances.
With instructions for those illiterate.
Even those blind and deaf,
Have their own personalized attachments...
Custom made to order.
And those near death itself,
Can now be treated to a quickie before departure!
There is such an obsession with sex...
The sexual lives of insects are now being investigated.
Being banned in some ant colonies!
And I can imagine they are thoroughly pissed about that!
Children are carrying weapons to safeguard fresh orgasms.
It sounds sick like something lifted from a culture on decline!
And in my time...
The teachers were using rulers,
To keep us distanced as we danced on the dance floor.
Long before the parents were buying weed...
Getting high and defending the right to smoke pot,
With their kids.
And these same folks are the ones shouting the loudest,
About the quality and qualifications of teachers.

'Don't do as I do!
You do as I say.'

~Okay dad...
I will use the bong!
And leave you the rolling paper next time.
And I will stay out of your stash too, promise! ~

Children today...
Think nothing about the act,
Of getting high with their parents.
Or going to school to have sex with their teachers.
Or having secret affairs of all kinds with their preachers.
And totally disrespecting life!

And there are those creating laws...
To defend all of this ignorance!
Or should that be...decadence?

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