Quantas Flight 149: Destination Sydney

Destiny established engine on the roar
Plane airborne jittery feelings re-born,
Flying Downunder two destinies disagree
One with feelings of certainty, the other an obscurity.

Eighteen hours flight memories in chain
Images rustling in and out my brain,
A question appeared an answer quickly vanished
Thin air blurry - images wanting to disagree.

Airborne memory trying to plea
Impossible to see denial hanging over me,
A waking call give up the other destiny
Land on certainty and forget the obscurity.

Awaiting tarmac - landing gears roll down
A new air - breath with easy mind,
Heart that pumps settle with a calm
Composure intact reality rides back.

Tower control - a gate opens up
Mind in control - feelings over the heart,
Faith to decide thus destiny defined
Alas dear old mind! your fate's intact with pride.

by Jona PoloRamirez

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