A Wolf Is At The Laundromat

A wolf is at the Laundromat,
it's not a wary stare-wolf,
it's short and fat, it tips its hat,
unlike a scary glare-wolf.
It combs its hair, it clips its toes,
it is a fairly rare wolf,
that's only there to clean its clothes—
it is a wash-and-wear-wolf.

by Jack Prelutsky

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Everything has a beginning and and end, no physics or math needed to know that. In the end we are all seeking to be free, I belive, though many will not see it that way. Life is uncertain, what people think of us is uncertain and all will interput our words differently...To me this is a brillant write....and again, so way out of my league to grasp all you're trying to get across in here....Had to get up early [for me, way early] for routine 'arrest me reds' maintenance so perhaps it's sleep deprivation.....If you keep up your brillance I hope I don; t get lost along the way...Lot of talent in you, hope you know that. xo. :) ~~~
From until... to... free, fascinating, to me.
I love this David. I posted a poem on the subject of Shrodinger’s cat a while back. I was facinated to learn that his grandmother lived in Leamington Spa where I grew up. Anyhow enough self agrandisement. I love the manner in how you deal with this state of uncertainty. The flow of this poem and its implied (as opposed to blatent) sense of humour works very well. The structure gives a very good idea of how you want to express this. The reader can easily be dragged into the piece.
I love the fact that quantum states all is potential and only when we look does the potential 'fall' into a specific state, is the electron either a particle or a wave; and is the cat eiter dead or alive - I love the poems you have constructed from the potential in letters that appear on PH; I'm sure the man with the cat in a flat is happily crafting more poems from the quantum potential! Kind regards, Margaret.
'.. for without Me, the tree would not be; signed, yours faithfully, God'... A week of fundays for you!