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Quantum Theory Of Dandelions

Quantum Theory in this universe states
that various things pop into and out
of existence with size determining their rates.
Like subatomic particles taking about
a trillionth of a second before meeting their fate.

Physicist and scientists of some renown
Say big things like baseballs can pop up
in billions of years with no one around.

Dandelions appear to do it in seconds.

I move along, digging them out,
And look behind me as I go.
Often there are one or two and I shout,
"They weren't there a few seconds ago! "

by Spock the Vegan

Comments (4)

We used the step/stick remover and had them under control. Then we moved to the condo. They are having a fine time since we moved. They also have trucks on the lawn.
I try to eradicate the yellow ones on the day they appear. It seems like if you don't, they turn to seed before the day is over. I always think: Yellow fellow white by night.
With no one around. Thanks for sharing.
Too bad there are not anti-dandelions that annihilate the regular ones in a Nano second. I pull them when I see them, usually because they are in some state of bloom. Several 5 gallon bucket's full of corpses later, the yard is completely green again. The next sunny morning tho, it is as though they are all back.