I had a friend. A wonderful friend.
She once had a loving family.
But one day, as she tells me now,
Her father left the house.
At night it started from
Just a little mashed potatoes.
And evolved to a fullout fight,
There was shouting, screaming
And even crying.
And my friend slipped up to her room.
She turned her headphones up full blast.
But could still hear the sound.
And all of a sudden
She heard a slam.
The house was silent.
The crying had stopped.
The fighting had stopped.
The quarrel was over.
But her daddy was gone.
And she lay in bed with her headphones on.
And fell asleep crying.

(entirely fiction. no friend of mine has ever said this to me.)

by Cheryl Cheng

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Wow.. This is really moving. Great poem,10++