Wings beat to overtake.
Now, above you like a fire shot
In a silent film the rush begins.
Wings fold inward, the air turrents,
Streams, as a ball swirling in a tube,
Grey bullet in the barrel,
The slide to the kill and the talons,
Make their mark before the hitch.
Soft plosives bearly sounding,
Crake, blood cupped in the claws,
From the breast and the rose
Heart, now in a tail spin,

Nostrils whine in the fall.
No jury just but a sup of the faded
Heart by one raging one.
The wilted wings are stirring
To the last as the pointed
Wingman ferries, the wholly bred,
Quarry of perfection, jolts
And jilts, and His scythe of feathers
Holds sway in the whirl.
As the God-made creature
From high heaven flies
The mourning dove must die.

by Sean Mac Falls

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