Quarter Of Two

I love him so I can't let go
How do I learn to grow alone
I leaned on you for so very long
The tears cried are for you alone
How do I take that first big step
Hoping we could be once more.
Destroying a love that was strong
Why couldn't you listen or hear my words?
I'm angry with you my words were true!
My love for you is breaking into.
The emptiness I feel longs for you near
Letting you go is the hardest thing.
So when will the hurting be ever gone?
My nights are cold when you're not around.
The vase is empty, no flowers to fill
The music is on, my love song is gone
Glasses are empty, no wine to fill
All dressed up and nowhere to go.
My love song is on, my arms are not filled
Got to stop thinking while I'm in bed.
Telling myself I need to sleep
Only to wake and still half asleep.
No box of chocolates, or sugar, or sweets
My last card said, I'm so in love with you!
My eyes are mine, and you're alone
My lips don't feel the warmth of years.
Waiting to hear you whisper my name
It's two o'clock, and I'm still awake
I sit and wait for your knock at the door,
Or maybe my phone will ring out your name.
The moon is full and I'm all alone
One day you'll wake up and find you were wrong!
Asked me to dance, I said I'd love to
One last dance at the Quarter of Two!

by Deborah M. Vanderwood

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