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Quasimodo: To Esmeralda

Quasimodo: To Esmeralda

Poem By Laurence Overmire

i look into your eyes
and see the stars
burning quietly
in a midnight sky
and i am humbled.

what hope have i
to rein a winged foal
dancing on a distant cloud
chasing the maiden moon
as she scatters her delicate veils
of luminous dust
on the sleeping earth below.

what hope have i
disfigured and alone
who cannot speak
and dare not feel
you will not hear the silent voice
that clamors in a trembling heart
you will not see the man
imprisoned by the shackles of his soul
you will not know

i leave you now
lift your voice to the wind
run free
brave spirit
we never meet again
but i have looked into your eyes
and glimpsed the stars.

(Previously published in Lynx Eye, Spring '99, Vol. VI, No.2)

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Comments (6)

Bravo! ! ! With the muse of the power of love; after looking into the eyes. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
what a sweet poem! ! !
What an amazing expression! Bravo!
The great characters of world literature ever stands in high and brought forward to the poem and see it is a great attempt and success.
Feeling the pulse of heart seeing one's eyes is empathy expressed in this poem!
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