(26 March,1978 / Charaihatee; Mohangonj; Rajibpur.)

I Do Not Speak

I do not ask for mercy for understanding for peace
And in these heavy days I do not ask for release
I do not ask that suffering shall cease.

I do not pray to God to let me die
To give an ear attentive to my cry
To pause in his marching and not hurry by.

I do not ask for anything I do not speak
I do not question and I do not seek
I used to in the day when I was weak.

Now I am strong and lapped in sorrow
As in a coat of magic mail and borrow
From Time today and care not for tomorrow.

by Stevie Smith

Comments (4)

The beauty of love is beautifully written with perfect imagery!
Love is tender Spotless as diamond.. Lovely poem
Love is tender As infants, saplings; No difficulties Easy to form and transfer;
Love is suitable, Love is beautiful, As transparent And spotless diamond.