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Poem By Absurd Religion

See her
Go from
Person to person

Pull me down
Tear out my eyes
Force me to drown

Pull myself back up to be pressed under again

Say you're good when you're an evil QUEEN!

The second time around
Break my legs
Whilst my wrists are bound
I can only crawl

Shriveled in a corner you leave me to rot
Dead to the world
If only I could have fought

You check me once again to see if I have passed
A kick in the stomach is the thing you do last

Amazingly, I am still alive by sheer will
As you turn and
Target your next kill

I observe with pity
At the next soul you wish for
Is one that I know
Why do you demand for more?

Say you're good when you're an evil QUEEN!

Victim after victim
You terrorize and torture

A landscape of gray
filled with the soulless remnants of your latest
I become stronger and could triumph over you
but i bide my time day after day

I know but will never say
the secret to your madness
Why you act in such a horrid way

Filled with my own satisfaction
I decease
To a greater life
To say the least

I look down from atop my tower
For I know of a greater power
And reminisce of how I was mistreated and you are to blame
I laugh now at your silly game

Say you're good when you're an evil QUEEN!

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Comments (2)

very good... very passionate, you will have to tell me who its ab, for some reason i thing its ab 'the bear trap'.... HEY FANS OF ABSURD RELIGION SHOULD READ STUFF BY Born Frustrated
Absurd Religion is a good pseudonym.. fits perfectly..