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Queen Nancy's Idiot Savant

Now comes forth the prince
Of words
Spreading thoughts not so clear
As he ejaculates to the gathered herds.

Speaking rapidly in his rush
To impress.
Nothing from the Queen
Doth he supress,
This one of such humble birth
That seeks to obscure truth.

Kissing this Barney stone
Will gain him rights to atone
For sins in his not so distant past.
Known to all who dare not
The first stone cast.

So Frank is he
In his delivery
That all are awed
And confused
Because there is nothing clear
From words uttered here.

Standing proudly before his audience
He struts in his new found prominence
Chest thrown out and shoulders back
There is nothing here a-lack.

Following the course
Which has been laid
He has no remorse
For lack of reason to which he's wed.

And just when a nugget is tossed
From his shaded upper lip
His mind seems to be engrossed
As he continues hooting from the hip.

His mentor, Queen Nancy
Stands and lets him spew
As she asserts breezily
That there are few
Who can know or understand
What great words come
From this peculiar specimen.
A man, representing
The privileged few
That cannot be criticized
For transgressions
After all they are in remission(?)

But like all Idiot Savants of the past
This bit of Barney cannot last.


by Sidi J. Mahtrow

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